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What we love

At Johnson Vine we are obsessed with an organic, sustainable, and natural lifestyle.

We love high quality food, especially farm to table restaurants, farmers markets, elevating our wellness strategy, finding out what’s new and natural in skin care, and exploring the freshest chemical-free makeup.

We’re no experts, but we find this super fun and wanted to share our finds with you in case you love it too (or want to dip a toe in the filtered water pool)!!


Lucia – Simple + excellent Italian
Hello 123 – Fave vegan
Union – Canadian French farm to table
La Palma – Sleek Italian with a Miami feel
Sugo – Casual YUM Italian
Famiglia Baldassarre – Pasta pasta pasta
Ascari Enoteca – Superb East end Italian
Tabule – Quality Middle Eastern fare, locations around the city
Alobar – Simple, beautiful, Euro Asian inspired

Juice Bars & Cafes

The Organic Press – Our ultimate go-to for juices and smoothie bowls
Nut Bar – Best avocado toasts and matcha latte
Village Juicery – Cold pressed and organic juices, meals & cleanses
Thrive organic – Organic Vegan on Lakeshore W
Impact kitchen – Best gluten free option for keto, paleo, dairy free, vegan
Sunshine Market – Great College St market w/ takeout options

Wellness & Health

Pure Yoga – Hot flow, great space
Modo Yoga – Classic hot yoga, locations around city
Banana Blondie Yoga – For you home yoga lovers
Othership – Hot-Cold therapy, breathwork, an alternative social experience
Wim Hof Method Guided Breathwork – Literally everyday

Skin care

Detox market – Our go to for all skincare & beauty!
Indie Lee Brightening Cleanser – So smooth, leaves you feeling luminous
Osea Hylauronic Sea Serum – Minimizes fine lines, increases hydration absorption
Katie Skincare – Best Facial! Ask for the “Drake Facial”
The Ordinary Rose Hip Oil – A great (and affordable!) place to start with
adding oils to your skincare regime

Makeup & Beauty

*Our newest quest to find quality chemical free options; especially for products that go directly on our skin.

Living Libations Blushing Balm – Oh so natural pinched cheeks dewy glow!
Ilia super Serum Skin Tint with SPF40 – Light coverage, beautiful finish, safe
Pai Skincare The Impossible Glow – Bronzing drops for sunkissed radiance
RMS “Un” Cover-Up – Creamy texture, long lasting

Farmers markets

Sorauren Market – Mondays 3-7pm
Trinity Bellwoods – Tuesdays 3-7pm
Dufferin Grove Market – Thursdays 3-7pm
Wychwood Barns Farmers Market – Saturday 9-1pm
Brickworks Farmers Market – Saturday 9-1pm

Guided Meditations

You Are Life Itself – Guided Meditation with Mooji – Truly beautiful 16 min meditation
Boho Beautiful Morning Meditation – Start your day with this guided 10 min meditation
Ben Carroll – Awakening the Chakras – One hour soundbath to balance your chakras

Books WE Love (that have helped us ALOT)

Think And Grow Rich – The OG manifester
Atomic Habits – Guide to overhaul your habits
Attached – The science of attachment styles in relationships
The Almanack of Naval Ravikant – A guide to wealth & happiness
Autobiography of a Yogi – A spiritual classic
Calling in “The One” – 7 weeks to attract the love of your life
Genius Foods – Become smarter, happier and more productive with these
scientifically proven foods
Set Boundaries, Find Peace – Teaches healthy boundaries to heal codependency, power struggles, people pleasing, anxiety, depression, burnout and more

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