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Bianca Johnson

Bianca has been consistently in the top 10 of Toronto real estate agents at her brokerage year after year. Her secret, and the reason for the 5-star client reviews, is directness and transparency. She is an expert negotiator and has the ability to keep people and deals on track — calmly and professionally.

Her excellent customer service and commitment to hard work is what makes Bianca an incredible agent. Focusing on relationships with clients and most importantly, communicating effectively, ensures an excellent service standard that is her highest priority.

Larenne Vine

As an expert in aesthetics and design, Larenne has a passion for the details. Whether it’s having your house staged for sale or finding your dream home, she will be there to support and inform you step by step, decision by decision.

Larenne started her career path as a professional singer, dancer, and pianist, entertaining on cruise ships around the world for 10 very interesting years. This background in performance instilled in her a centred but powerful presence that she uses to advocate for you every step of the way. Her creative, out-of the box approach will ensure that you get a custom strategy that’s tailored to your needs and those of the ever changing real estate market.

About Johnson Vine

JOHNSON VINE was born when Bianca & Larenne decided to join their combined 10 years in the business after meeting on the same real estate team and hitting it off… They bonded over yoga and green juices and never looked back! Over time they discovered that they possessed complementary skill sets and shared an integrity based approach to business… so it was a no brainer to join forces.

They share a passion for real estate investment, both having purchased and sold multiple properties in the city themselves. They know the challenges they faced in the process, and want to help to make sure their clients do not suffer the same frustrations that so many home buyers experience today. Each successfully closed over 40 transactions last year and are award winning agents at their brokerage. Combined, they are a powerhouse, deeply invested in their clients’ success.

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